The Goa Meat Complex Ltd. is a Government Undertaking with shares held jointly by the State Government of Goa ,Government of India and four Muncipalities of Panaji , Margao,Mapusa and Vasco, having a Modern Abattoir at Usgao, Ponda-GOA with a capacity to slaughter 150 large Bovine animals per shift. No cows are allowed to be slaughtered under any circumstances strictly abiding by the "Goa Daman and Diu Preventation of Cow Slaughter Act 1978". Slaughter service is provided to traders from Goa. Spare Capacity of the plant is leased to Exporters for slaughter and processing of meat.

The fees structure charged to local traders at Goa Meat Complex Ltd. is as follows:-

Slaughter Fee: Rs.     per animal.

Salting of hides: Rs.     per hide.

Ante-Mortem charge: Rs.     per animal.

Lairage Charge: Rs.     per animal/day.

The Goa Meat Complex provides Lairage,electricity, water, services of a Veterinary Doctor, a Supervisor, etc to the local meat traders. It also provides ante mortem & post mortem inspections of animals by qualified Veterinary Doctors with due emphasis on hygienic and quality of animals slaughtered.

Our Spare capacity is availed to Meat Exporters to whom the rates charges are higher.

The service is executed on daily basis. The Traders are required to present the animals 24 hours in advance for Ante-Mortem inspection. The animals are quarantined, thereafter, the animals can be slaughtered the next day or later as per the requirement of the trader.