Goa Meat Complex Ltd is equipped with a mechanized integrated Modern Abattoir complex, situated at Marvasada, Usgao, in the State of Goa, which is used for slaughter of bovine animals in hygienic conditions. The abattoir has all the necessary infrastructural facilities such as Lairage, Weighing, Chilling, Holding, Processing of meat, Disposal of Waste and continuous Power Supply.

The said Abattoir has inter-alia the following infrastructure such as trevices and covered yard for performing Ante-Mortem and health inspection of animals brought for slaughter, covered Lairage for holding of livestock, Scale for weighing live animals, mechanized conveyorised monorail slaughter house section having capacity to slaughter 150 large animals per eight hour shift. This section comprises of Rotary killing Box, Animal Hoisting arrangement, Bleeding Area, Foreleg Cutting Saw, Hide Removal Platform, Brisket Cutting Saw, Electronic Weighing Scale, etc., Hall for Carcass Holding and Chilling Room, directly connected with the abattoir, with Overhead Monorail system, Air Conditioned Deboning Section and Choice Meat Cuts Packing Section and a well established laboratory.

The Abattoir is primarily meant for slaughter of bovine animals for human consumption.

The Goa Meat Complex Ltd. has means to deal with or dispose off the animal blood, inedible offals and waste produced/occurred or collected on the killing floor.

Procedure of slaughter

The Abattoir consists of 4 main sections, the liarage, the railing, the slaughtering unit and the processing unit.

The animals are unloaded from the transport vehicles and kept in a pre inspection waiting hall. These animals are later taken into the inspection hall of the lairage where the Vet. Officer of the Department of Animal Husbandry & Vet. Services does the Ante-Mortem examination to see if the animal has any disease. Only animals found fit for slaughter are allowed to be kept in the Lairage. In case of buffaloes the pregnancy status of the animals is examined. No pregnant animal are allowed for slaughter and no cows can be slaughtered in the slaughter house as per the central Government Ban under the Cow Slaughter Act. The animals after inspection are maintained in the liarage for minimum of 24 to 48 hours. The Goa Meat Complex Ltd. provides water and shade for the animals. The owners of the animals are permitted to give food at their own cost if required. The animals are marked /identified as per the traders symbol.

On the day of the slaughter the certified animals are made to walk on a cemented pathway with railing up to the slaughter house.

In the slaughter house the animals are Electrically Stunned in an enclosed Stunning Box. The animal is then unloaded into the main slaughter house wherein Hallal method of slaughter is performed by a professional Mullah.

The animal is than Hoisted up by means of a mechanized pulley to the monorail and is maintained on the railing throughout the operation. The completed process after the Hallal, is performed is done on the railing and no part of the carcass touches the ground.

At the first platform the dehideing of the animal is performed by 4 workers. After the de-hiding, the vicera is removed and edible and inedible are separated and put on the metallic conveyor belt. The edible offals are unloaded into the shoot I and the inedible offals are unloaded into shoot- II. The offals are transported via the shoots to the basement.

In the mean time the carcass travels to the 2nd platform where in the butchers cuts the carcass in 2 halves by the help of a hydraulic cutter.

The carcass continues to travel and goes to the 3rd platform where in the carcass is again halved and each carcass is made into 4 quarters.

The lessee generally takes the quarter into the processing hall which is under A.C. and the meat is de-boned and blast frozen. They are then sealed into air tight polethene sachets and kept in the deep freezer cabinet until they are transported for export.